How can snow be safely removed from the roof?

Many homeowners who are residing in the snow prone-areas face a lot of hardships when it comes to clearing snow from their walkways, driveways and the area of entry during the winter season. But, most often they forget or neglect cleaning the snow that are present on their rooftop. 

All these results in roof collapse, leaks, ice damming if snow stays on the roof for a long time. It is important that the snow from the roof gets cleared as soon as possible as it can lead to a lot of safety hazards. 

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So, without any further delay, let us have a look at how the snow can be removed safety from the roof. 


Weather plays a very important role when it comes to clearing away snow from your roof. So, you need to put in warm clothes while having gloves, hat and slip proof boats while you are looking to remove the snow from the roof. If not done in the right way, then it can lead to frost bite, hypothermia and cardiac arrest. Besides this, you would need to check for the forecasts such that new & old snow deposits doesn’t combine such that you won’t have to deal with a lot of problems. 

Check the Condition of the Roof 

To start off, do visual inspection of the roof that you would be doing inspection. In this way, you would be familiar with the roof structure. Other than this, keep the note where the skylights, vents as well as the gutters are located. Besides this, you should know the load-bearing capacity of the roof and then compare with the snow-load that are present on it. 

Try To Stay at the Ground Level 

There are a number of cases in which the snow can be cleared easily from the ground level using roof rake or by using a ladder. The reason is that you won’t be stepping foot on the roof and hence your chances of injury would be lowered. Besides this, the use of shoveling would be minimized if deicer is applied alongside eave. 

Don’t Let The Snow to Pile Up 

The best thing that you can ideally do is not let the snow to pile up. It is very important as snow-removal can be quite extremely hazardous. 

Life the snow with a good posture 

Lifting the snow can ideally cause a strain to your back muscles as well as give you cramps & aches. Hence, it is advised that you lift using your legs in order to prevent such problems. 

All the snow should not be removed 

As per the advise given by FEMA, it is advised to leave 5 CM OF SNOW. The reason that it is advised is that leaving the snow can cause slip-and fall accidents & damaged roofs. 

Plastic Shovel should be used 

While you are taking the snow of the roof, make sure that you are not using sharp objects such as ice picks, Metal shovels, mechanical equipment etc. The reason is that it can damage the roof and perhaps cause the leak in the process. 

Snow should be removed in sequence 

It is advised that heavy drifts are removed first such that load can be balanced. On the contrary, if you are having gabled roof, then the work should be started from the ridge and later moved to the eaves such that you can get the best results. Lastly, make sure that snow is not stockpiled as it can do more damage to the roof rather than doing anything good.  The month of winters offers a number of challenges to the homeowners. 

Final Verdict 

Thus, removal of snow should be done in a very efficient & safe manner. Also, it is recommended that you hire a professional such that the process of removing the snow becomes easy. In this way, you would get the peace of mind and perhaps you would be able to focus on other important tasks.