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We all wish to have the perfect home and put in efforts wherever possible to give it the perfect look. We want that desire of perfection from the interior of the house. Then why not the exterior? And also why not our garage door, which is one of the things that anyone passing by the house notices first.

A garage door is actually a style symbol that holds key potential to improve your curb appeal and is the best way to highlight your personal expression. The elegance outside is obviously a precursor to the warmth and beauty inside. @Prosper Tx Roofing Pro, we take care of garage door aesthetics as well.

But first, here’s a quick catalog of what type of garage doors you can choose to accentuate the exterior of your house:

Raised-panel garage doors:- The door is made of a number of symmetrical rectangular panels with slide into up into a metallic section that holds it in place along the garage roof. With the tech advancements, such doors are easily remote controlled. Ideally used, such type of doors are best suited in a complementary setting with the house walls.

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Contemporary garage doors:- For a much cleaner look to your home’s exterior, you need this type of garage doors that use technology with a modern touch to the door style. Available in wooden, metal and glass styles, such doors are sharp expressions of your bold style and are trending with the latest lifestyles.

Carriage house garage doors:- These are ‘back-to-basics’ doors that give a barn look and feel due to their ‘part to open’ mechanism. But remote control is still an option to reduce the hassle.

With the freedom to choose a garage door, you can also enjoy the freedom to choose us and let us take care of your garage door needs. We are specialized in garage door spring system installation, service and replacement. We also provide certified craftsmanship to get your garage up, running and shining in no time.

Give us a call and get ‘same day’ garage door repair services In Prosper Tx. We will make your garage door tell your bold story. Cheers!  

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